AI in Education 2023

Understanding the impact on effective pedagogy, inclusive learning and equitable outcomes




GenerativeAI, Education, Aotearoa, Equity, Pedagogy, Inclusion


The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) tools in education has emerged as a significant paradigm shift. As we navigate this new landscape, it is essential to understand the adoption and use of these technologies in educational settings. Some valuable insights into AI's global trends and potential in education are available from OECD-Education International (2023), highlighting a need to understand privacy concerns and equitable access. Guidelines and advice have also been made available for New Zealand schools from the Ministry of Education (2024). However, there currently needs to be more comprehensive studies of AI in education that focus on the specific context of Aotearoa, New Zealand.

This report seeks to meet that need. Educators from throughout Aotearoa were invited to participate in a survey conducted between August and November 2023. The survey aimed to assess the landscape of AI implementation in schools, exploring practices, challenges, and potential positive outcomes associated with AI tools in education. This research seeks to inform policymakers, educators, and stakeholders to facilitate informed decision-making to advance educational practices.

Through this research, we hope to contribute to the ongoing dialogue on AI in education and its implications for teaching and learning in Aotearoa.




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Gander, T., & Shaw, B. (2024). AI in Education 2023: Understanding the impact on effective pedagogy, inclusive learning and equitable outcomes. He Rourou, 1(1), 15.