C9P July Symposium Proceedings


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C9P Symposium 12th July 2023

How can the creation and implementation of a Digital Play Framework develop the digital fluency and capabilities in a play-based learning environment?

Áine Connaughton

Enhancing Higher Order Thinking Skills Through Problem Based Learning

Bridget Wylie

Using Skills Development to Raise Self-Efficacy and Achievement

Carolyn Milne

Place-Based Learning - Improving knowledge construction through real-world learning experiences in the local community

Claire Defire

Improving Oral Language in Year 2 Using Project-Based Learning

Heather Lindsay

Connecting the Dots: Growing transdisciplinary project-based inquiry teaching and learning

Jacqueline Stenson

Improving Student Engagement in a Year 12 Economics Class Using Project-Based Learning

Joanne Ellis-Smith

Discovering how self-determined learning enables confidence when designing digital learning

Jocelyn Tuia

Personalised learning using digital technologies in a Year 7 / 8 Food Tech class

Natalie Makeef

From participation to engagement

Michael Bucksmith

Developing Digital Skills and Capabilities Through Project-Based Learning

Bex Thompson

Using personalised learning to develop self-regulated learning strategies in ākonga

Scott Charles Lemon

Towards self-regulation for environmental sustainability


Fostering Self-Regulation in Learners

Tina Maclean

Shifting the balance from assessment to learning in senior secondary school

Tracy Bowker

Developing Collaboration Skills through Project-Based Learning in a Year 7 and 8 Tongan Bilingual Class

Vasiti Latu

Increasing Student Engagement Through Personalised Learning

Guy Blanchard


Sheryl West

Using Play-Based Learning to Help Develop Self and Co-Regulation Skills in Tamariki Displaying Symptoms of Trauma

Greta Van Zyl

Self-Regulated Learning in Web-based Environments

Devan Ganess

Careers Mahi – Engaging Junior Students in Career Planning

Lindsay Knipe




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