C7P August Symposium Proceedings


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Anna Taylor

Developing student engagement through personalised learning and project-based learning

Ashok Kumar

Place-based learning, does it make a difference to struggling learners in a mathematical context?

Cassey Prentice

Using a Place-based Learning Programme to Develop Student Agency in a Secondary School Setting

Emma Talbot

Developing student agency through a purpose-built curriculum incorporating elements drawn from STEM, heutagogy, and place-based Learning

Fiona Mair

Growing Independent Learners - Agency, Voice, and Capabilities

Judith McCone Roberts

Teacher professional development to develop student agency through personalised learning in a primary school setting

Juliet Vickers

Integration of collaboration, project-based learning, and knowledge construction in a junior classroom

Kelly Collins

MABS - My Agency Bot System: AI to enhance engagement

Laura Wheeler

Cultivating self-managing learners in a digital Math programme

Lovinia Chapman

Implementing and Embedding Two Key Competencies through Project-Based Learning

Mel Brooks

Increasing Engagement through Project Based Learningand Virtual EOTC Experiences

Rachel Diack

Place-Based learning to enable student agency

Teresa Capon




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