C5P November Symposium Proceedings


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Flowing up STREAM

Emily Malone

Supporting Student’s Self-Regulation Skills Within a Cross-Curricular Project

Andy Wilson

Student Engagement Enhanced Through Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

Mesepa Armani-Hiko

Professional Learning Development for Staff on Project Based Learning and Digital Technology

Ramona Fuatino Pitone

Acquiring Digital Fluency Through Culturally Responsive Project-Based Learning in Statistics

Anusha Nirene Soupen

The Impact of Design Thinking and Steam Learning on Student Engagement

Sarah Cooke

History Detectives in Action: Bringing History to Life Using Primary Sources

Senga White

Cultivating Curiosity, the Ultimate Motivation for Learning

Kim Bartley

Supporting Executive Function in a Play-Based Context

Hannah Newton

Digital Skills and Student Agency Through Contemporary Approaches

Ashleigh Ennor

Implementing Personalised Learning Approach to Provide a “Learner-At-Center” Learning Environment and Better Support Personalisation

Li Wang

Enhancing Whānau Engagement an a Mainstream School

Louise Tupai

Using Design Thinking to Develop Agency and Peer Assessment Amongst Year 8 Students

Richard Wells

“Māuitanga” Using a Project-Based Learning Approach to Teach Self-Regulated Learning

Bruce Hill

Developing Student Agency With Students who have Learning Needs Through Personalised Learning, Collaboration and Relationships

Angela Armstrong-Lush




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